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Sat, Jul. 10th, 2004, 03:17 am

I recently (as in 10 minutes ago) had a discussion on spirituality and religion with none other than our wonderful security guard here at work.

He asked me what I believed, in the broadest sense. "That is pretty simple," I said. "The deity is everything." Then he mentions something in this book he's read about pantheism limiting one's scope of the deity. I, of course, countered with the obvious: "It's easy to grasp a broad view of the deity. I myself percieve the deity in all things, which include my soul-self, that which I may directly percieve with my six senses, and how others percieve the deity. I say this because all is born out of chaos, and there is no one way to fully recognize all of the forces shaping our lives." Although, I did also mention that the one universal truth is 23, half-heartedly in jest. He must be in contact somewhat with his pineal glad, for he gave me a wry smile.

But I digress. This bit about perceptions seemed to be a relevation for him. I'm glad he was able to make sense of the rambling that spewed forth from my mouth. I'm also glad that he learned something more than the teachings of Their Lord Jesus Christ. I do believe I shall have further discussions with this man, being that he neither belittled my personal beliefs nor shoved his down my throat. He was also well spoken and challenged me to debate my point of view. Yes. He and I will talk more, and soon!