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Tue, May. 20th, 2008, 09:49 pm
What a difference a (almost) year makes....

The mundane had snuck up on me something fierce... I have my intornets back, finally, so expect to see more.

I'm on a whole new path these days.  Oracular seidth.  A spae-wife.  That is what I am to become.  Freyja has spoken for me.  As has Odinn, but he's not gettin' his, yet.  There is much work I have to do before I am comfortable with that close of a relationship with him.  Since I have begun down this twisting path, many things have been revealed and renewed.  I am no longer dream blocked, for instance.  I'm beginning to remember them more and more every day. 

My relationship is stablized, at the moment.  Some days, I love him with all my heart and being.  Others, I begin to wonder if I was meant to have long-lasting bonds with any person, let alone the extra person or two we have discussed looking for. 

Things that have come into my interest of studying:
Herbalism/Holistic healing
Astrology (which I'm in the middle of, actually)

Forgive the randomness above.  More later.  I have to take the other half to work now.  *sigh*